The Monessen Amateur Radio Club hosts various fun

and interesting nets thru out the week.


On Tuesdays evenings at 8:00 PM local time we conduct a weekly 2 meter net on the

147.225 Mhz + KA3BFI repeater. This net is open to all licensed amateurs.

This net controlled by a rotating pool of control operators, so please check-in and join the fun.

At the bottom of the page is a link to the Tuesday night net script that can be down loaded and

printed out if needed.



On Wednesday nights we happy to host the Tri County CW Amateur Radio Club.

John W3QH is your net control for even more news and information for southwestern

Pennsylvania, and all are welcome to check-in there as well.



The Mon Valley 15 meter is just another net that MARC hosts. This net is on Sunday and

Thursday nights at 9:00 PM on 21.360 Mhz.

First started in the 1950's this is the longest running 15 meter net in the state.

Although it's called "The Mon Valley 15 Meter Net" it's really more of a round table ragchew

than a formal net, a place let your hair down and just gab with your fellow hams. We frequently

have folks check-in from all over the US and Canada when band conditions permit

This net is also to all general class and higher amateurs, so stop by some evening and say Hi !

we'll be glad you did.



Tues. Evening Script